MEDIFIX 3100 “Hot Melt Adhesive for medical applications”

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We have all used medical tapes at least once during our lives. A first aid tape is used after an accident or nurses have put on bandages after a surgery. However, we were frustrated many times since they kept falling off when we wash our hands, after shower or after a period of time. 
The ones which stick well hurt our skin during peeling off and left sticky residues. Nurses were also not confident to use the tapes since they had to put on a new one several times over the same scar. 
ORGANIKADHESIVES have introduced the medical tape industry with a new concept, a revolutionary solution: MEDIFIX hot melt adhesive series. MEDIFIX 3100 sticks well yet peel off easily without leaving any residue, resistant to water and skin friendly.

Product Properties: 
MEDIFIX 3100 is a pressure sensitive adhesive specifically designed for medical tape, bandages, drapes and dressing applications. 
MEDIFIX 3100 provides clean release and does not leave residue on skin after peel.
        High tack
Low peel
No residue
Resistance to water
Primary skin Irritation index «0»

MEDIFIX 3100 is the first medical tape adhesive developed and produced in Turkey and medically certified according to ISO 10993!
Skin Irritation
Complied successfully!

ORGATAN LRA ''Lubricating retanning agent for chrome tanned leather''

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Synthetic leather wet-end chemicals are well known and have certain constraints with their chemistries. For such well known chemistries, the main focus of Organik Kimya is to create innovative solutions to address potential benefits in customers’ manufacturing processes. With respect to this vision, Organik Kimya R&D Center has developed ORGATAN LRA to serve as a dual functional product - lubricating and retanning in one stage. 

In leather industry, different type of chemicals are used in retanning and fatliquoring stages. ORGATAN LRA gathers two different chemistries in one product and gives a unique edge to leather producers to reduce the fatliquor chemical consumption. 

ORGATAN LRA provides;

-        a broad application profile

-        very good fullness, tightness

-        good fogging resistance

-        good heat and light fastness

-        a soft and oily feeling

-        adequate waterproofing

-        good dye acceptance

-        buffability

ORP - Redispersible Powder Polymers ''Water resistant monomer compositions''

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           Organik Kimya’s new range ‘’Redispersible Powder Polymers’’ achieved rapid and substantial success in Turkish construction market within last 2 years. 

One of the reasons of this fast and aggressive penetration success was innovative  application studies that has been done one Organik Kimya R&D Center. Very new and very simple test methods have been designed for extremely important parameters of construction chemicals. The construction chemicals market that is using ethylene based redispersible powder polymers for a long time has been informed about long term water resistance of different polymer chemistries, in conferences and one to one presentations by Organik Kimya all around the world.  

This new and simple test method was showing very clear differences of different monomer compositions about long term water resistance of polymers that should provide water resistance to cementitious construction chemicals. The study clearly showed that ethylene based polymers, that form more than 90% of total redispersible powder consumption around the world, was providing drastically lower performance about long term water resistance compare to acrylic and versetate chemistry. This study and its results was shared with the market by different conferences in Istanbul, Yalta, Moscow, Wien, Warsaw, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur.  

The last big conference of 2013 performed in Kuala Lumpur at 28 th of November by DryMix Association which is one of the most important establishment of the construction market. Organik Kimya was one of the attendees of the conference with this study, called “Long Term Advantages of Redispersible Powders Based on VA, VV, and AC Combinations for More Water Resistance in Cementitious Systems”. The study and its presentation have been selected as the best study and the best presentation by all the attendees of the conference. 

Moreover, the test method has been internalized and the results confirmed by lots of powder polymer users. Different powder polymers of Organik Kimya that have water resistant monomer compositions such as; 

- ORP 5070 MP

- ORP Thermobond 65

- ORP 6072 MP (etc.) 

became the most demanded products in relevant markets by being approved by lots of different users.   

ORGAL ORGAWHITE 2000 ''New generation patented performance product designed for water based paints and coatings''

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Orgal Orgawhite 2000 is an ammonia, formaldehyde and APEO free organic opacifier designed to be used in water based paints and other coatings. When used in paint formulations as a partial replacement of TiO2 and other extenders, Orgal Orgawhite 2000 acts like a fine particle inorganic extender spacing the TiO2 particles and improves the efficiency of TiO2.

Synthetic dispersion polymers constituted of void-core particles, providing

Inherent opacity

Excellent TiO2 spacing

Being a polymer dispersion

No dispersing energy needed

Do not need dispersing/wetting agents

Very low binder demand (spherical shape)

Very hydrophobic synthetic pigment:

Enhances outdoor durability

Reduces dirt pick-up and soiling

Very low density

Reduced raw material cost per litre of paint

Almost ideal spherical shape

Lower binder demand

Tougher paint films

Improved scrub resistance