Our History

From the beginning, we’ve been driven by chemistry. The kind that bonds people. The kind that connects us. The personal kind. The human kind. With 100 years of experience in the chemicals for various industries, Organik Kimya is dedicated to customer collaboration, service, innovation and environmental care.

Trust is our biggest capital
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  • 1924 — 1965

    Elkasan: Representation Business

    Our history dates back to 1924 when Italian born and raised Luigi Kaslowski establishes Elkasan to trade fibers, yarns, textile specialty chemicals and machinery in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • 1965 — 1967

    Start of Chemical Production

    Aldo Kaslowski, son of Luigi Kaslowski, establishes Organik Kimya in 1965 to diversify from trading to manufacturing. He invests in a production facility with a capacity of 6.000 tons in the Bomonti district of Istanbul. With a focus on polymer emulsions and textile auxillaries, Organik Kimya starts its steady growth years.

  • 1975 — 1985

    Kemerburgaz, Istanbul Headquarters

    Looking to grow the production capacity, Organik Kimya moves to its current production facility in Kemerburgaz, Istanbul in 1977. Production capacity escalates to 42.000 tons.

  • 1985 — 1995

    Domestic Market Leadership

    The move to Kemerburgaz, Istanbul production facility and progressive capacity expansions facilitate Organik Kimya to become the leading domestic polymer emulsions producer in 1990.

  • 1995 — 2005

    Sectoral and Geographical Expansion

    2000s record a “construction boom”, especially in the developing regions of the world. Seizing this opportunity, Organik Kimya diversifies from its traditional product portfolio of textile polymer emulsions and starts developing solutions for the needs of the paint, coatings and construction markets.

  • 2005 — 2015

    Local and International Investments

    In the ever changing and consolidating polymer emulsions market, customers struggle to find flexible, agile solution providers for niche applications. This situation paves the way for Organik Kimya's new vision which is to grow in the European market and fill in the gap for this market need.

  • 2015 — 2023

    Global Solution Provider

    Today, Organik Kimya serves its customers with a total production capacity of 250.000 tons across 4 production platforms: Kemerburgaz and Tuzla in Turkey; Rotterdam, Netherlands and Balerna, Switzerland.

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