If you are in Organik Kimya, you compete with yourself, share with your team and keep learning each and everyday.

We are working to create an excellent employee experience and a great workplace culture here at Organik Kimya. Our perspective is focused on “PEOPLE and CULTURE” that values people, believes in collective leadership, focuses on development, high performance, and allows everyone to be themselves.

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Understanding the requirement of wellness and the factors that influence this state, whether as an individual, community or nation, helps us to work together to improve the quality of our lifestyles.

We support the wellbeing of our colleagues physically, mentally, financially, socially and emotionally, at all pillars of “wellbeing”. We provide healthy nutritional choices in the workplace to our colleagues through addressing healthy physical settings and food supply. Also supporting our colleagues to look after their health, fitness and diet is essential. Not only physically but also, we help our colleagues find ways to feel positive! And empower them to manage their emotions and reactions. Financially we offer flexibility with the belief not everyone can have the same needs and expectations.

Continuous learning is essential, we know! The purpose of Learning and Development process is to support Talent Strategy to be sure that we have right people enabled to do the right things both now and in the future. We have acquired a blended approach for the L&D activities.

Leadership development programs, competency development trainings, mentorship programs, reverse mentorship programs, executive coaching and technical development programs are in place for different target groups and different needs! All support with cooperation with Linkedin Learning and E-nokta!

Reward systems are crucial for the morale, motivation and engagement. What you do at Organik Kimya matters, and we value what you do! In order to create a thriving workplace, praise and recognition are among the fundamentals.

There are various reward and appreciation applications in use. Situational rewards where it is a method used to reward the extra effort and superior performance put forth to realize a project or an exemplary behavior that represents company values. Also, seniority rewards, patent rewards, Innovation awards, and employee referral rewards are among the applications we provide.

Our safety-first vision is for all stakeholders involved in our business processes (employees, subcontractors, suppliers and customers); Our mission is to provide consultancy for the establishment of the necessary systems for our workplaces to work in a healthy and safe environment during their activities and to ensure their integration into our cultural transformation by raising awareness to minimize their negative effects on the environment.  

To achieve this vision, we have identified 4 critical success factors; Raise Awareness with Continuous Two-Way Communication!, Win the Leaders!, Create System and Process Infrastructure!, Be a Consultant, Accessible and Visible!

  • story item 1

    “ Since the start of my career at Organik Kimya, back in 2012, I feel part of this amazing family. This company is not only owned by a family but it acts like a family, for both colleagues and customers. In this atmosphere we achieved great things, with lots of innovation, professionalism, fun, care for each other and the environment.”

    Wilfred Langhorst

  • story item 2

    I could not imagine working at the same company for so long 18 years and counting at Organik Kimya, but here at Organik you are given the chance to grow and change career pathways, making it a very dynamic environment. In these years I have grown from an enthusiastic young engineer into an experienced supply chain professional, where taking calculated risks and making mistakes are seen as a part of the job. Organik Kimya is a family company and the presence of a familiar feeling helps you along the way of ups and downs that is life. I recommend Organik Kimya to those who are eager to learn and those who wish to discover, enjoy and challenge themselves.

    Emre Kaya
    Supply Chain

  • story item 3

    I recently onboarded Organik and have been in awe with their sustainability & forward-thinking mindset. Organik Kimya is undoubtedly a fine and growing organization that encourages and foster’s skilled talent across the spectrum. It truly offers a healthy balanced work life to all employees with a humane touch. The premises boasts beautiful and well-maintained work and entertainment facilities for employee use and wellbeing. Employees are friendly & respectful and value the cultural diversity bought in by the global peers and customers embodying the tag line of “The Chemistry Between Us”

    Romesh Gupta

  • story item 4

    I will celebrate my 40th year in Organik Kimya in 2024. After university, I literally spent my entire career here, I learned everything here. I have witness and been a part of the growth process of the organization. Not the only organization developed and grew, I, alongside, professionally and technically developed myself deeply. Our efforts in becoming the first state-supported R&D center in the field of chemistry were unforgettable. It became true at 2009! We It was a very challenging yet fun process… My young friends contributed a lot to me. The main reason why I worked at Organik Kimya for so many years is that it is a family company and I know that I am a part of this family.

    Sibel Altınok

  • story item 5

    So proud to be working in a flexible, energetic and sincere company! Knowing that my work-place would take care of me as I do, gives a big relief in private life. With the awareness of global sustainability issues and by keeping track of the latest trends, Organik Kimya offers a career path with full of novelty, teamwork and joy!

    Gülçin Cem Özeral

We have the Formula for Diversity,  Equality and Inclusion!

All processes in Organik Kimya are structured to support gender diversity, equality and inclusion in work life and to provide work-private life balance. From recruitment to learning & development, from compensation to career management, DEI perspective has been adopted.

We have committed to support the Women's Empowerment Principles prepared by the WEPs platform, created in partnership with the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Unit (UN Women).

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